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                Recycling machinery supplier NGR acquires major control of Dr. Collin

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                1-5-2014 CTT NEWS

                Recycling machinery supplier NGR acquires major control of Dr. Collin

                Austria-based Next Generation Recyclingmaxchinen(NGR) GmbH announced that it has acquired a majority interest in German company Dr. Collin GmbH.The terms of the acquistion were not disclosed.

                According to its statement,Collin's Compact extrusion equipment such as blown film units,flat film units,extrusion lines and stretching equipment will help its customers to achieve economic and efficient plastics materials processing.

                "If you look at the product lifecycle of plastic scrap, NGR has always been active in supporting the stages of product manufacture (i.e. production waste) and recycling.With the expertise of Collin we are expanding our capabilities in product design-an important stage in exploiting the full potential of plastics-and pointing the way toward effective use of finite resources,"explained Josef Hochreiter,CEO of NGR.

                Dr. Heinrich Collin,the founder and CEO of Collin,will retain a minority interest in the company and will also provide support for the company and to his successor,Dr Friedrich Kastner,DIPL.Ing.

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